Character Name: The name of the character.

Emoji Symbol: The symbol on a message that indicates that the character is talking.

Played By: The person who usually plays as the character in the RP.

Category: Where that character comes from. There are multiple categories:

  • Plushie: The character is an original plushie who is not a real character from anywhere.
  • Beanie Boo (BB) The character is a Beanie Boo. As of now, they are exclusively played by Coco.
  • Original Character (OC): The character is not a real character from anywhere except here, and is not a plushie.
  • Poké Plush: (PP): The character is a plushie of a Pokémon.
  • Other Pokémon (P): The character is a Pokémon, but not a plushie.
  • Other Canon Character (C): The character is an actual character from a non-Pokemon canon. It says the source of them.
  • Transformed (Tr): This is for if the character has ever gone by another identity or transformed. If the transformation was temporary, it will show Tt.
  • Miscellaneous (Misc).

Good / Bad Side: Whether the character is a hero, a villian, or neutral.

RP Debut: The first RP the character appeared in, or if they were there from before Flash Flood. If a character has been mentioned in the Break Room first, it will be marked with an astrerisk*.

Gender: The character's gender. If they have literally no gender, there is an A for agender and what the character prefers to be identified as.


The characters are in no particular order.

Character Name Emoji Symbol Played By Category Alignment RP Debut Gender
Slick S, fox Coco BB Good Start M
Blink eyes Ramón OC, Tr (Stare) Good M
Stare glasses Ramón OC, Tr (Blink) Good M
Squirtle turtle Ramón PP Good Start M
Eevee daisy Coco PP Good Start M
Espeon sun w/ face Coco PP Good Start M
Perry cookie Ramón C (Phineas and Ferb), Plushie Good Start M
Bloom rabbit Coco BB Good Start F
Zangoose Z, paws Ramón P Bad M
Francine F, fox Coco Plushie Bad turned good Weather Bombs F
White Fang snowflake Ramón Plushie Good Start M
Woodstock chick Ramón C (Peanuts), Plushie Good Start M
Lucas L, sunflower Coco C (Mother 3) Good M
Claus C, sunflower Coco C (Mother 3) Good and Bad Weather Bombs M
Puff dessert swirl Ramón PP Good Start F
Pikachu lightning bolt Coco PP Bad Flash Flood M
Black Sun sun Coco Tt (Espeon), P Bad Weather Bombs M
Fox rocket Ramón C (Star Fox) Good Visitor M
Wolf half-moon Ramón C (Star Fox) Bad turned good Visitor M
Robot battery Coco OC Bad turned good Weather Bombs A, M
PsyK tiger Ramón Misc, Plushie Good Start M
Coco C, snowman Coco Misc, PP Good Start F
Lampy light bulb Ramón Misc Good Start A, M
Chubbles low-brightness Ramón Misc Good turned bad Start A, F
Salmon low-brightness Ramon Tr (Chubbles) Bad turned good A, F
Lumos N/A N/A Misc N/A Assumed A, F
Cerulean brightness Ramón Tr (Lumos) Bad turned good Pool Party A, F
Cancun poodle Coco BB Break Room only M
Icy I, snowman Ramón BB Good Weather Bombs* M
Buckwheat wheat plant Coco BB Good Information* M
Garboa trash symbol Ramón P Bad The Chimera Downstairs F
Foul Beast leaves Ramón P, Misc Good Flash Flood M
Travis Coco C (Mother 4) Good The Chimera Downstairs M
Gurdurr Ramón P Bad Evolved Visitor M
Flora hawaiian flower Ramón BB Good Information F
Orion meteor symbol Coco P Good From the Stars M
Sylveon Coco PP Evolved Visitor F
Kiwi frog Coco BB Prologue: Beanie Boos M