Salmon is one of the sub-main characters of VMRP. She used to be Chubbles during Flash Flood, and was revived as

a villian in (insert RP name here). At the end of Pool Party, She, along with Francine and Wolf, turned against Zangoose's army.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Salmon is a ball with no limbs and little cat-like ears. She's made out of pure concentrated gas and infrared light. She is still shorter than her sister Cerulean. Unlike Chubbles, she has a marking on her forehead resembling the sun. She received it when she turned to Zangoose's army. She is usually seen with an unplugged cord on her.


During the course of her switches between sides, Salmon's personality is maintained. She is outgoing and friendly to everyone, even her enemies. She likes to talk to people, and won't break down too much when under pressure. She is definitely hiding something that she isn't ready to share anytime soon.