White Fang is one of the sub-main characters of the VMRP series. He debuted before Flash Flood as a starting character.

Physical Appearance Edit

White Fang is a plump canine resembling a wolf. All his fur on his backside is grey, and the front is white. He has beady blue eyes. His rear end is covered with a tuftier substance, which gives him the ability to store things. He can take lots of damage and not be effected too much, letting him be an effective shield. His main fur color is grey, but he can turn blueish at will if he needs to attack.


White Fang is sometimes afraid to speak to everyone, but he usually overcomes that and gets along with the group pretty well. His shyness keeps him from talking about himself, a lot of times on a personal level. On the other hand, he tends to accidentally think personal thoughts out loud; that's a trait the he isn't too proud of and thinks is embarrassing.


Lucas Edit

Lucas is one of White Fang's better friends. He has helped White Fang through a few awkward situations, such as helping him with hisminor crush on Fox in Visitor.

Chubbles/Salmon Edit

When Salmon was Chubbles, she and Fang used to get along seemingly well. After Flash Flood, her disappearance didn't effect White Fang's actions. When she was revived in VMRP as Salmon on the "bad guys' team," Their relationship wasn't really mentioned. However, in Pool Party, Salmon seemed to be more fond of White Fang. (She gave him the name Shard, a nickname that makes literally no sense.) Since then, there have been hints that Salmon has developed a crush on the canine, even though she denies it.


  • White Fang was named after the main character in the book White Fang.